Launched in 2016, the Direct Booking Summit has travelled around the globe. From Amsterdam to New York, it has provided the platform for like-minded hoteliers to meet, debate and lead the direct booking movement.


Dallas 2018

This Summit was the grandest one yet. Hundreds of hoteliers joined us at The Statler to discuss everything from advances in metasearch to evidence-based design.

The best of the content: watch Red Lion Hotels' Calvin Anderson deliver his keynote on 'Modern Consumer Conversion Paths'.


Amsterdam 2018

The iconic Barbizon Palace hosted this powerful Summit.

Our speaker Joe Pettigrew, Director of Revenue Maximization at Starwood, blew everyone away with his session on unlocking the potential of every acquisition channel - including the OTAs.

Watch his keynote speech here.


new york 2017

The main objective for this Summit was to empower hoteliers with tried-and-tested tactics for super-powering their guest experience - the next frontier in driving direct bookings.

At the heart of our agenda was the simple idea that hospitality should be as tangible on a homepage as it is in a lobby!


barcelona 2017

Fiery debates, explosive stats and a beach party with a taste of flamenco: this Summit had it all!

One session which truly captivated our audience was Deutsche Hospitality’s Director of eCommerce, Dr. Jan Sammeck:

Based on his experience working with an OTA, Jan delivered an eye-opening presentation about how hotels can mimic their tactics on a much more efficient level. Watch his session here.


Washington d.C 2016

This flagship event featured industry experts and leaders from Marriott, Four Seasons, IHG, and SIXTY Hotels on the most pressing challenges in 2016: connectivity, use of affiliate networks, tax liabilities and guest data.


london 2016

"The best conference I've ever been to." - Steven Howe, Digital Manager at Apex Hotels.

This feedback warmed our Triptease hearts, and we knew we had created something special. Our inaugural Summit in London featured keynote speakers Simon Jones, Managing Director of Premier Inn Hotels, Robin Rossman, Managing Director of STR, Ufi Ibrahim and CEO of the British Hospitality Association plus panel speakers from Marriott, CitizenM, Google and SkyScanner.