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White Paper: A billion dollar sinkhole
On average, the direct hotel price is undercut by an OTA on one out of every four occasions. That means that hotels are missing out on over $1bn a year. Check out our report on parity and undercutting to see how you measure up.

Infographic: Why millennials will book direct
With 85% of Millennials shopping around for the best deal, catching their eye is no easy feat. Check out our infographic on Millennial preferences and behaviour to see if your strategy is up to scratch.

Blog: Will a pop-up on my website impact Google rankings?
The internet is shifting to mobile. More than half of all web traffic now comes from mobile devices – so you need to make sure your website is fit for purpose. Sites can be penalised for mobile-unfriendly advertising, so check out our blog breaking down Google’s new algorithm update.