Summit Day One | Wednesday, October 3rd

08:00 – 08:40


Please arrive in good time to register yourself

08:40 – 09:00

Welcome speech

Charlie Osmond, Chief Tease, Triptease

09:00 – 12:10

Distribution in Focus

09:00 Address the exponentials of the modern consumer’s conversion paths
• Explore the complexities of the current commercial segmentation
• Avoid the dangers of ‘siloed sales’
• Discover the new ways to organize and manage marketing, distribution and revenue
• Embrace ‘big data’
• Learn the key principals that will serve as the guiding lights to a profitable customer acquisition strategy
Calvin Anderson, Chief of Revenue Optimization, RLH Corporation

09:30 Panel Discussion: Unlock the potential of every acquisition channel
• Connect the dots and understand your direct guests better
• Identify user propensity across all channels
• Identify user preferences and maximize your revenue
• Create a culture of relentless testing and use OTAs to your advantage
Moderator: Loren Gray, Founder and CEO, Hospitality Digital Marketing
Panellists: Dan Towvim, Senior Director eCommerce, Sonesta
Sanovnik Destang, Executive Director, Bay Garden Resorts
Ryan MacDonald, Director of Revenue Management and eCommerce, Palm Holdings
Kelsey Miller, Corporate Director of Digital Marketing, Woodside Hotel Group

10:10 Develop competitive set analysis
• Think like your guest
• Yield more revenue
• Where in the funnel should you start protecting your assets?
Jim Rozell, Founder and CEO, Hotel Compete

10:30 Panel Discussion: Metasearch in 2018
• How traditional metas are responding to Google’s growth (and what it means for hotels)
• How to make sure you come out on top of the OTAs
• How much is too much when allocating your meta budget?
Moderator: Nicholas Ward, President and Co-Founder, Koddi
Panellists: Jay Hubbs, Senior Vice President of eCommerce, Remington Hotels

Adrian Hands, Senior Director Key Accounts EMEA and Americas, TripAdvisor
Gil Harel, Head of Strategic Partnerships Hotels & Content, Skyscanner
Ted Schweitzer, Former Senior Vice President, Digital Commerce & Media, La Quinta Holdings

11:10 Coffee break

11:30 Panel Discussion: The state of the hotel-OTA relationship
 What’s the ideal agreement between a hotel and an OTA?
• Three approaches to negotiations
• When to prioritize direct distribution
• The long road to transparency in distribution
Moderator: Raheel Moolji, Vice President, Revenue Management, Remington Hotels
Panellists: James Gancos, CEO & Founder, Guestbook Rewards Inc.
Bernard Tan, Vice President Revenue and Distribution Management, VRI Americas
Johnathan Capps, Vice President of Revenue, Charlestowne Hotels
Alan Gonzalez, Group Director of eCommerce & Distribution, Warwick Hotels and Resorts

12:10 – 16:10

Marketing in Focus

12:10 Head to Head: Views from the C-suite
Alexandra Charters Zubko, Co-Founder & Chief Customer Officer, Triptease

John M. Scott, Chairman of A&O Hotels and Hostels, Former CEO, Belmond Hotels and Rosewood Hotels 

12:40 – 14:10 Lunch break

13:00 – 13:30 Lunch and Learn Workshop: Driving direct bookings with real traveller content
• Leverage social proof to drive buyers through the booking journey
• Fuel personalized content experiences at scale
• Drive customer loyalty and repeat direct bookings with timely outreach
Ben Weiss, Digital Lead for Travel & Hospitality, Stackla
If you fancy another highly educating session over lunch, we will be running this workshop in a separate room. Please sign up on the app.

14:10 Panel Discussion: Improve the relationship between Marketing, Digital and Revenue teams
• Remove silos and centralize operations
• Putt direct bookings at the heart of your commercial strategy
• Move from revenue management to measuring results across the business
• Create a toolkit to drive incremental revenue
Moderator: Andrew Rubinacci, Senior Vice President of Revenue Management & Global Distribution, Omni Hotels & Resorts
Panellists: Paolo Torchio, VP Digital & eCommerce, Two Roads Hospitality
Terence Sham, Head of Revenue, Ace Hotel Group
Cady Wolf, Vice President Strategic Accounts, Sojern

Melissa Conn, Corporate Director of eCommerce & Public Relations, Paramount Hospitality Management

14:50 Beyond email marketing: The need-to-know of Customer Relationship Management
• Build an effective CRM system
• 5 successful CRM campaigns (and how to implement them at your hotel)
• Segmented content vs. one-on-one guest engagement
Amber Mayer, Vice President of Product, NAVIS

15:10 Panel Discussion: How can an independent hotel compete against large chains
• Know your USP: Why do guests choose your hotel?
• Dissect your hotel DNA and develop an inside-out approach to sales and marketing
• How to communicate your message to the wider world
• What to do once the good reviews come rolling in
Moderator: Marissa Brady, Director of Hotel Direct Digital Marketing, The Leading Hotels of the World
Panellists: Trey Yost, VP of Sales – Americas, SiteMinder
Gary Hawkins, Vice President of Revenue Strategy, Sydell Group 

Carlos Aquino, Vice President Sales and Business Development, Tafer Hotels and Resorts


15:50 Coffee break

16:10 – 17:50

Technology in Focus

16:10 Hospitality begins online
• The ultimate weapon for direct bookings
• Build an emotional connection with guests
• Track what matters
Charlie Osmond, Chief Tease, Triptease

16:40 Keynote: Explore emerging digital channels
• How does your digital experience work to drive guest along the journey?
• Understand human behaviour to deliver a great hospitality experience through technology
• Importance of the primary data to build the right solution
• What does it take to innovate?
Bill Ramsey, Senior Director Mobile and Emerging Channels, Choice Hotels International 

17:00 Panel Discussion: Bot vs. Human: Which chat is right for my hotel?
• To automate or not to automate? The merits of bot vs. human
• Use chat to super-power direct bookings
• Best practices to communicate with your guests online
Moderator: Alasdair Snow, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer, Triptease
Panellists: Melinda Berman, Manager eCommerce, Four Seasons
Kathryn Buttle, Assistant General Manager – Revenue, Lord Nelson Hotel and Suites

Calvin Anderson, Chief of Revenue Optimization, RLH Corporation

17:40 Chairman’s closing remarks

17:50 End of day one

Direct Booking Summit Party

Appetizers, Drinks and Games
After a busy day, grab a cold drink and unwind at our pre-party games night. Join us for ping pong, pool, foosball and the very first Direct Booking Summit bowling championship!

Time: 6pm – 8pm
Location: Scout, 1st floor, The Statler (we’ll lead the way, don’t worry)
Dress code: Come as you are straight from the Summit

Party like a Hotelier!
You’re on the guest list for the party of the year. We’ll see you at Waterproof bar on the 19th floor for refreshing drinks, a live band and the best rooftop view in Texas!

Location: Waterproof Bar, 19th Floor, The Statler
Time: 8pm till late
Dress code: dresses & shirts (don’t forget your DBS flip flops if you fancy dipping your toes in the pool!)

Summit Day Two | Thursday, October 4th

10:00 – 10:30


Clinics are practical workshops designed to get you thinking about real hands-on actions to drive direct bookings at your hotel. Please choose between Clinic A and Clinic B for each time slot. You are welcome to mix and match your selections at any point.

10:30 – 11:30

Clinic A

Align your physical and digital customer journeys 
• Map the physical journey and incorporating digital at every stage
• Humanize digital interactions
• Which digital experiences do customers really value?
Brad Brewer, CEO and Founder, Brewer Digital Marketing

Clinic B

Increase overflow revenue and reveal shifts in macro markets with Area Demand Clusters

• Where is the potential?
• Define clusters and avoid pitfalls
• Convert insights into smart decisions
Philipp Stelzer, Head of Sales, HQ plus

11:30 – 12:10

Improve the digital guest experience with Triptease
• The challenges guests encounter on their path to purchase
• The business impact and size of these opportunities
• How Triptease can help hotels make the most their website
Alasdair Snow, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer, Triptease

12:10 – 12:50

Panel Discussion: Booking engines — 2018 trends and updates
• What are the minimum standards for a booking engine in 2018?
• What key characteristics should hotels be looking for in a booking engine?
• Which features enhance and detract from the booking experience?
• Is your booking engine working hard enough: How to maximize conversion on your site
Moderator: Christopher Biondo, Corporate Director of Distribution & Product Development, Standard International 
Panellists: Bernard Tan, Vice President Revenue and Distribution Management, VRI Americas
Johnathan Capps, Vice President of Revenue, Charlestowne Hotels
Justyn Hornor, Senior Product Manager, Fortune 250 Hotel 

12:50 – 14:00


14:00 – 15:00

Clinic A

Collect, analyze and act on guest feedback to increase guest satisfaction and direct bookings
• Use guest sentiment to prioritize operational and service improvements to increase guest satisfaction
• Manage priorities: how to push for high rankings and turn guest insight into action
• Collect guest feedback from all relevant channels
RJ Friedlander, Founder & CEO, ReviewPro

Clinic B

Make data driven decisions
• How to recapture and process data?
• Execute digital product analytics
• Analyze real time data
• Look into A/B testing
Justyn Hornor, Senior Product Manager, Fortune 250 Hotel 

15:00 – 15:20

The lodging industry, its current trends, economic drivers and outlook
Key economic drivers to drive lodging industry’s success
• Examine Lodging performance trends: demand, ADR and RevPAR
• 2019 outlook for the economy and lodging industry
Isaac Collazo, Vice President, Competitive Intelligence, IHG

15:20 – 15:30

Chairman’s closing remarks
Charlie Osmond, Chief Tease, Triptease