Wednesday, 27th September

8am – 8:40am


Breakfast Briefing: An Unprecedented Look at the Path to a Hotel Booking

• Follow a hotel booker as they move across devices, websites and the funnel from dreaming to buying
• Get expert advice on how you can intercept and influence hotel guests along their path
• Understand the importance of driving direct bookings in a new way

Chris Blaine, Sojern

Morning coffee

Welcome from Charlie Osmond, Chief Tease, Triptease   

9am – 10:40am

Irresistible Marketing

Direct booking initiatives in 2017
Panel Discussion
Derek Brewster, Lotte New York Palace
Daniel Tennant, Hotel on Rivington
Scott Khile, Grace Bay Resorts
James Gancos, The Guestbook

Drive revenue with irresistible marketing
• Zone in on important revenue streams
• Set killer KPIs and metrics
• Wow customers with a seamless experience online and offline

Quick marketing fixes to turbo-charge your revenue
• Examining revenue streams to create more irresistible marketing
• Setting KPIs and metrics that will help you drive improvement
• Working together as one team to deliver a great customer experience online and offline

Content marketing, and how to nail it
• What is your story?
• Choosing the channel that works for you

Direct Booking strategies: unleashed!
Let’s network! Time to have a coffee with your fellow hotelier and discuss all things Direct. Meet new people, share old stories, and maybe you’ll even win a prize for the most creative #DirectIsBest solution.
Josh Runes, Modus Hotels
Liz Lancaster McIntyre, The Inn at Ole Miss
Emily Patrician,  Mere Hotel

Networking Break and DBS Tech Dome Trend Sessions

11:10pm – 12:50pm

Customer Insights and Analytics

Driving direct with data
• Consolidate and optimize your customer data
• How to analyze your data and derive actionable objectives
• Improve customer trust and transparency in a tightly-regulated environment

The Priceline/Expedia duopoly, and what we can do about it
• Should hoteliers fight back?
• Are the OTAs an enemy or a friend?
• Can efforts to curb the OTAs’ dominance ever work?

The holy grail of guest
• Manage and respond to changing expectations in real time
Different channels, different processes
The secret language of the satisfied guest

Cultivating loyalty: A perspective beyond the points schemes
Panel Discussion
MarcAnthony Crimi, Walker Hotel Greenwich Village

Lunch and DBS Tech Dome Trend Sessions

Roundtable 1

Topic tbc
Curtis Bova, Cheyenne Mountain Resort

Roundtable 2

Loyalty technologies to drive direct bookings

Pamela Barnhill, InnSuites Hospitality Trust

Roundtable 3

Building and leveraging a digital strategy from the ground up

Amanda Gregory-Jones, Pacific Gateway Hotel
Donald Pinkney, Pacific Gateway Hotel

Roundtable 4

Emotive intelligence in direct bookings

2:35pm – 3:25pm

Revenue and Pricing

Converting direct bookers into bigger spenders
• Discover the link between direct booking and ancillary spend
• Find new ways to increase your revenue from in-hotel add-ons
Darrell Stark, Noble House Hotels & Resorts

Booking engines: Trends and Updates
Panel Discussion
Daniel Melnyk, Anticipate Hospitality

Networking Break and DBS Tech Dome Trend Sessions

3:50pm – 5:40pm


Re-thinking your customer journey
• How to intercept the OTA booker
• Right place, right time: be seen when you need to be
• Meet the customer on their own terms

Driving traffic to your website independently of the OTAs
Panel Discussion
They’re doing something right. It’s time to examine major OTA methods and see how they can be implemented on a hotelier’s budget.
Monique Strouvens, Group Germain Hotels
Irene Pallais, Interstate Hotels & Resorts

Personalizing your website
• How to create a website that’s as welcoming as your lobby
• Live chat: benefit or burden?
Jose Canelos, The Leading Hotels of the World

How effective is your team?
• Aligning your company with your direct booking goal 
• Connecting your marketing and revenue management departments with the wider team
• Educating your wider team on the benefits of booking direct and promoting from top down
MarcAnthony Crimi, Walker Hotel Greenwich Village

Chairman wrap up

7:30pm DBS Party!

Thursday, 28th September

10am – 3:20pm


Welcome coffee

Crack the code of buyer behaviour
Understand how and why guests make the decisions they do
Cindy Estis Green, Kalibri Labs

Coffee Break

Photography tricks: capturing images that can drive revenue
• Build desire though smart photography
• Exploring the influence of Instagram and the power of visual sales

Lunch Break

Reviewing pricing strategies for Direct Bookings